About us

About us

Roman Vock – coach – foodie – rider – amongst other things

Roman, born in Australia to Swiss parents has been riding his whole life. He did his first tentative steps while living in Perth and eventually he found himself on his bike every free minute!  Mountain Bike or Trials, as long as he was on 2 wheels he was happy – and still is.


After Roman had finished his apprenticeship as a Chef he spread his wings and ventured off to Switzerland. He wanted to find his roots and spend time with his family. Professionally he wanted to experience and learn from the outstanding hospitality in Switzerland. During his first couple of years, Roman worked in Arosa in a variety of Hotel kitchens in the 4**** sector.

During these years he relished in the opportunity to go down hilling whenever he had a free minute. Arosa made it easy with their Gondola systems. You just hitch a ride in one of those little cabins, hanging your bike on the outside and easily climb up hundreds of meters in 20 minutes. And then spend a short adrenaline filled ride down the mountain. The mountains there soon became his second home. Arosa was also where he met his wife Regina.

In Arosa Roman worked with the local riders in shaping and building the downhill section from Hörnli down to the Gondola station.

After their first son was born, they moved to the Lucerne area where Roman worked in renowned Gault Millau Restaurants until they both settled in Waltensburg, Graubünden to run a 3*** Eco hotel.
After a couple of years the opportunity arose to manage another beautiful 3*** Hotel in Arosa with a 16 Point Gault Millau Restaurant attached. This brought them back to their beloved Arosa and in their capacity as Hotel Managers they won the vote for Hotel Hosts of the year 2008.

When the owner of the hotel decided to rebrand the hotel and run it as a more hostel style hip hotel Roman and Regina decided that this wasn’t their style anymore and decisions needed to be made.


Back in Australia it was clear that Roman was back in his element here in the beautiful South West. However the lack of downhill tracks in the region opened back up the world of X-country, trials and Enduro. Roman embraced these possibilities and enjoys riding now with the whole family. And just when we thought we had seen it all, he started experimenting with road biking, which he throughly enjoys – even wearing Lycra!

Volunteering – Grassroots Program

He soon volunteered at the local Primary School for Riding Classes, helping year 3 kids how to ride safely. This sparked the idea of teaching his own children and other interested kids mountain bike skills outside school hours.

In 2015 Roman started up with a small group of children and volunteer parents. Ever since then he offered training courses for local kids aged between 6 and 14 where he teaches skills and techniques to the young riders.

From day one, a lovely member of the bike community, Helen Baker, offered to help out, which was a huge relief. After a couple of months Roman was able to recruit Andrew Spencer- Wright to help with the ever-growing group. Soon after Jade Bergroth came on board and the groups are now bigger than ever. Roman, Andrew and Jade joined the Cape Mountain Bikers and formed a new executive committee. With Andrew as president, Roman as Club Secretary and Jade as Treasurer.

Coaching Courses were attended and everything was put in a proper format to meet Australian riding and safety standards. The courses grew from 5-6 riders into 56 riders and is now split in three courses. Two courses are run in Dunsborough, a beginner and an intermediate level. An additional one is now set up and running in Busselton. Of course new coaches came on board as well volunteering their valuable time for the sport and the kids.

Adult Training courses

In 2017 Roman launched training courses for adults. These are aimed at self taught riders to gain a better skill and confidence level or to revisit these. If you would like to take advantage of these training courses, please visit Dunsborough Mountain Bike School on this site.

Regina – behind the scenes – foodie – rider – and so much more

Regina was born and raised in Germany, growing up in the Black Forest region. Once grown up, bike riding was a thing from the past as Regina mainly focussed on her career. She moved to Switzerland due to her work in Hospitality.


In contrast to Roman, Regina was trained in the administration side of the Hotel Business. She worked throughout Germany, Wales/UK and Switzerland in a variety of 4**** and 5***** Hotels in management positions such as Sales & Marketing, Front Office, Functions Organisation and Restaurant Management. Regina came to Mountain biking when she met Roman and hasn’t looked back since. However, the responsibilities of running a hotel and having 2 children under 4, was not leaving her much time to explore the mountains by bike.

When the decision was made not to go ahead with the new hotel project, Regina and Roman decided that it was the right time to move to Australia. The kids were still young enough and it would be a possibility to reinvent themselves after years of hospitality. Change was in the air!


Once in Australia, Regina decided to ditch hospitality in favour for more quality time with her children. She soon studied a Cert III and IV in Education Support as well as a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Since 2010 she was working for a K-12 Special Needs School as an Education Assistant in Busselton.

Riding and Volunteer work

Before her accident, Regina went out on the tracks with Roman and the kids whenever possible. She soon gained confidence and a love for faster downhill sections. Even though being the slowest, she throughly enjoys the quality time it means for her and her family.

Regina does occasional road biking, clocking kilometres around Dunsborough and Busselton. She hopes to get back on her mountain bike and hitting the trails with family and friends again soon.
However, this might not happen often enough due to work and family commitments. She volunteers for the Cape Mountain Bikers as Grassroots Coordinator and Sponsorship Officer. And of course, Regina  is the strong woman behind her man, organising and quietly getting things done behind the scenes.

Since the family moved to Australia Regina has volunteered in many roles in local Clubs to foster and support the love of a variety of sports in her very active boys.