Bigger Group Sessions

Bigger Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Our bigger group courses can be delivered for 5-8 participants. Both levels, beginner or intermediate, can be taught within this group session. Please find a date and time according to our Calendar. Contact us or book directly through our bookings form.

Price per Person:

AU$ 105.00 per 3 hour session

Course Information

Our Mountain Bike Courses cater for riders of all age groups and from beginner to intermediate levels. Roman runs the group sessions in a PMBIA format. He will address skills needed to help you gain confidence and comfort out on the trails.

Group sessions are fun and interactive but follow a stricter standard. You will need to take into consideration that more sessions are usually required than “one-on-one” tuition.

Whether beginner or intermediate, Roman will fine tune your skills to help you ride with more confidence and fun.

All forms of the course will follow PMBIA guidelines and cover areas such as:

  • Position & Balance 
  • Operation of Controls 
  • Terrain Awareness 
  • Direction Control 
  • Pressure Control 
  • Timing and Coordination.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us