Solo or Couple

Solo or Couple

This is the platform that we mostly recommend. Our Solo or Couple courses cater for 1-2 participants. Also a great way to bond in a parent-child scenario! We offer both, beginner or intermediate level. If you are looking for some quality one-on-one time, this would be the course for you! Dates and times are on request. Please contact us via our contact form to find a suitable date for you!

Price per Person:

AU$ 80.00 per 1 hour

For Busselton Shire Locals, don’t forget to ask about our Locals discount!

Course Information

Our Mountain Bike Courses cater for riders of all age groups and from beginner to intermediate levels. Roman runs the group sessions in a PMBIA format and will address skills needed to help you gain confidence and comfort out on the trails.

Individual “one-on-one sessions” are the best option if you are looking to take your riding ability to the next level as fast as possible. Roman tailors each session to suit the skill level of the rider and focuses on what needs improving.

All forms of the course will follow PMBIA guidelines and cover areas such as:

  • Position & Balance 
  • Operation of Controls 
  • Terrain Awareness 
  • Direction Control 
  • Pressure Control 
  • Timing and Coordination.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!