Dunsborough District Country Club

Dunsborough District Country Club

The Trials around the Country Club leading into Meelup

With ample parking space at the Dunsborough District Country Club you will find tracks for beginners and intermediate riders. These tracks are in cross county style. There is a cross over to the Meelup Tracks if you are keen on some more action before heading back home.

On Tuesdays and Wednesday the Country Club is open between 3 and 6pm for your cold beverage after a nice ride. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons (from 3pm) and evenings you can enjoy a cool beverage and food (from 5pm). The Town Kitchen situated in the Country Club Building next to the car park offers nice meals worth going for.

There are opportunities for a bike wash near the tennis courts. The Country Club offers toilet and shower facilities (cold water only).

Please do not forget to pay a $5 fee per Person for the upkeep of these trails, the parking facilities and the amenities of the Country Club. These $5 are valid for 5 consecutive days. The collection box and a registration booklet is found at the entrance of the Club rooms.

If you have any questions in regards to the trails please contact the Facebook Page of the Cycling devision!

Dunsborough District Country Club Trails Рprintable version (pdf)